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Batch 01

Glasgow 1770 Golden Beer Cask Finish

A limited edition release of only 356 bottles at 58.5% ABV, this unique expression is our first foray into beer finishes. Our unpeated spirit was filled into a first fill ex-bourbon barrel on the 17th of April 2019. On the 9th of June this year, 2022, we filled this into a Pedro Ximénez sherry hogshead that was used to matured Innis & Gunn’s Original Beer for 3 months.

We bottled the contents on the 13th of October. The result is a lovely rich sherry influenced unpeated whisky with notes of dark fruits, sticky toffee and rich vanilla with a dry and hoppy finish gained from the 4 month finish.


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Batch 01

Golden Beer Cask Finish





Year Distilled
Year Distilled


Cask Number
Cask Number


Spirit Type
Spirit Type


Cask type
Cask type

Innis & Gunn Golden Beer (Pedro Ximenez)

Cask Size
Cask Size

Bourbon barrel > Hogshead

Fill Date
Fill date

17th Apr 2019

Hops, Spice and all things nice

Limited Edition


Dark fruits, creamy vanilla, honeycomb and cookie dough. Notes of tropical fruits, apricot, and ginger lead to rich malty notes with a hint of hops.


Dark berries, plums and passion fruit meet roasted malt, sweet sticky toffee and fudge. Rich honey and cream combine with vanilla and more malty sweetness.


Brown sugar and oak spice with a long dry hoppy finish.

Tasting Notes

Delicious 1770 Cocktails

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