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Batch 01

Glasgow 1770 Tequila Cask Finish (Triple Distilled 01)

A limited edition release of 272 bottles at 55.3% ABV. The contents of a single cask, our unpeated triple distilled spirit filled on the 3rd of February 2018 into a first fill ex-bourbon cask and then laid to rest for two years and six months in a Tequila cask.

Bottled on the 27th of June 2023, this is a delicate and smooth single malt with notes of honey, lemon, citrus, honeydew melon and milk chocolate. 

This is the second time we have released a Tequila Cask Finished single malt, the first was using our double distilled unpeated whisky so this is the first release with our Triple Distilled unpeated single malt. 


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Batch 01

Tequila Cask Finish




55.3% ABV

Year Distilled
Year Distilled


Cask Number
Cask Number


Spirit Type
Spirit Type

Triple Distilled

Cask type
Cask type

Bourbon > Tequila

Cask Size
Cask Size


Fill Date
Fill date

3rd Feb 2018

Delicate and Smooth

Tropical Fruits Galore


On the nose expect notes of rich honey, lemon and lime citrus, hints of vanilla and soft floral undertones.


The palate explodes with fresh tropical fruits; pineapple, white grapefruit, and fresh honeydew melon balanced against vanilla, creamy maltiness and hints of lemongrass.


The finish is long and pronounced with delicate notes of fresh coconut, milk chocolate and a subtle white pepper spice.

Tasting Notes

Delicious 1770 Cocktails

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