Banditti Club - Glasgow Spiced Rum

The Banditti Club were a company of bold rogues who would meet in Glasgow’s local public houses; sharing music, food and laughter late into the night.

 Amongst their favourite pastimes was paying a 'Club Compliment' to the local police, then known as 'Charleys'. A common 'Compliment' was the upturning of the police box within which the Charley sat, trapping the night watchperson inside, much to their mischievous joy and the annoyance of the occupant. 

No added colouring, no added flavouring and no added sugar. Banditti Club - Glasgow Spiced Rum is a 100% natural product which captures the energy, passion and vitality of the original Banditti Club.

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Banditti Club - Glasgow Spiced Rum
Banditti Club Rum Thumbnail
Banditti Club Rum Thumbnail
Banditti Club Events

The Banditti Club Rum Shack Sessions

Join us at the bi-monthly 'Banditti Club Rum Presents... The Rum Shack Sessions' at Glasgow's number one rum bar! 

Enjoy an evening of Banditti Club cocktails, exclusive tastings and local collaborations as you watch some of Glasgow's best local musicians, find out more by searching @BandittiClubRum on Instagram. 

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