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Batch 01

Glasgow 1770 Manzanilla Sherry Cask (Unpeated 01)

A limited edition release of 813 bottles at 59% ABV. A single cask, No. 18/218 is our unpeated double distilled spirit filled on the 12th of March 2018 into a refill Manzanilla Sherry Butt that was previously used to mature peated single malt scotch whisky. 

Bottled on the 25th of July 2023, this is a rich and fruity single malt with notes of saline smoke, plum, dried apricot, tropical papaya, leather, tobacco, dark chocolate, and rich espresso. 

This is the first release of a Manzanilla Sherry Cask matured single malt from our distillery - a perfect showcase of our fruity unpeated single malt whisky with a full-term maturation. 


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Batch 01

Manzanilla Cask Matured




59% ABV

Year Distilled
Year Distilled


Cask Number
Cask Number


Spirit Type
Spirit Type


Cask type
Cask type

Manzanilla Sherry

Cask Size
Cask Size


Fill Date
Fill date

12th March 2018

Fruity and Rich

Saline Smoke & Chamomile


On the nose notes of salinity, subtle smoke and dried apricots compliment toffee and a delicate floral honey sweetness.


The palate is rich and full bodied with notes of orange rind, tobacco and salted caramel alongside rich tropical papaya, mango, and plums, with hints of fresh ginger, floral honey and chamomile.


The finish is big and bold with notes of dark chocolate, apple, vanilla, espresso, and light peppery spice.

Tasting Notes

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