Upon payment, we’ll process your order as soon as possible. 

Standard UK Delivery times: 3-5 working days via UPS. You will receive an email from UPS with tracking details once your package has left the distillery - please check your junk mail as their updates can sometimes be marked as spam.   

We ship via UPS to the following countries (not currently shipping to the EU countries specified below):
Argentina, Aruba, Australia (all states excluding Northern Territories and Queensland), Austria, Bahamas, Barbados, Belgium, Bermuda, Bulgaria, Canada (Alberta British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec only), Cayman Islands, China, Cyprus Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Macau, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Netherland Antilles, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, UK and Venezuela.

If you are in acountry to which we are unable to ship, please get in touch here to see if we can help.

Delivery to all countries is based on the location and size/weight of your package. Your postage and packaging charge is calculated at checkout. 

The Glasgow Distillery Co are not liable for any customs fees which may be incurred in the destination country. You are liable for these and will be responsible for making sure they are paid correctly.

All our packages require a signature by someone who is of drinking age in the country of delivery. 

We accept no liability for shipments that are returned to us.

A re-delivery charge may be incurred for shipments that are sent out again.


EU Shipping currently halted

All EU customers, please note that for a temporary period we will be halting all shipments to the EU. We appreciate your patience whilst we work with our international courier service to devise the best possible solution for our EU customers and understand this can be frustrating.

Whilst we do so, you can purchase via our many international distributors across the EU and we are working to provide some country exclusive releases in the EU - please check our social media channels to keep updated with any new releases. 

The Glasgow Distillery Co are not liable for any customs fees, import duties or Brexit charges which may be incurred in the destination country. You are liable for these and will be responsible for making sure they are paid correctly.


Refunds & Returns Policy

Please note that any any issues with delivery or failed deliveries must be reported within three calendar months of initial purchase. You are responsible for reporting any issues to us, via the website contact page or by calling us.  

Read more on our refunds & returns policy here.


Virtual Tastings

Bookings for virtual tastings must be completed on the Sunday prior to the Thursday virtual tasting event. Tasting kits will be shipped Monday, if your tasting kit has not arrived in time you are responsible for contacting Glasgow Distillery to make us aware prior to the Virtual Tasting event. If you do not you are liable to forfeit a potential refund.

If you live out with the UK then there will be a surcharge included for shipping cost. Please also allow one working week for tasting packs to arrive in a timely manner. 


Limited Edition Bottles

All discount codes are invalid for purchasing Limited Edition bottles across all brands and spirit types. 

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