Small Batch Series Focus: Glasgow 1770 Tequila Cask Finish

1770 Whisky

Glasgow 1770 Tequila Cask Finish (Triple Distilled, Batch 01)

Glasgow 1770 Tequila Cask Finish (Triple Distilled, batch 01) 55.3% ABV

The Glasgow 1770 Tequila Cask Finish release is a four year old bottling and the contents of a single finishing cask. An initial maturation in a first fill ex-bourbon barrel offers notes of vanilla and honey before a two and a half year finish in a Tequila cask that brings notes of citrus, melon, tropical fruit and fresh coconut.

This is our second release that makes use of a Tequila finishing cask, but it is the first time that we have used our tripled distilled unpeated single malt within this cask. Our first Tequila finished release was the popular Batch 01 unpeated double distilled single malt, the use of triple distilled this time brings a fresher and more citrus-led characteristic to the bottling. Our triple distilled single malt naturally boasts delicate and floral citrus notes, these are amplified and extended by the combination of the spirit and the Tequila influence.

This cask, number 18/981, was filled on the 2nd of February 2018 into a first fill ex-bourbon barrel before moving into the Tequila barrel for two years and six months. The contents were bottled at 55.3% ABV on the 27th of June 2023 with an outturn of just 272 bottles. An inspired marriage of our light and delicate triple distilled spirit the exotic notes of pineapple, agave, and citrus contributed by the Tequila cask.

Glasgow 1770 Tequila Cask Finish

Tasting Notes
The Nose
On the nose expect notes of rich honey, lemon and lime citrus, hints of vanilla and soft floral undertones.

The Palate
The palate explodes with fresh tropical fruits; pineapple, white grapefruit, and fresh honeydew melon balanced against vanilla, creamy maltiness and hints of lemongrass.

The Finish
The finish is long and pronounced with delicate notes of fresh coconut, milk chocolate and a subtle white pepper spice.

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Release Fact File

Cask Number: 18/981
Spirit: Unpeated triple distilled
Batch number: 01
Initial Cask: First fill ex-bourbon barrel
Initial Cask Fill Date: 3rd of February 2018
Initial Maturation Period: 2 years and 9 months
Secondary Cask: Tequila barrel
Secondary Cask Fill Date: 17th of December 2020
Secondary Maturation Period: 2 years and 6 months
Bottling Date: 27th of June 2023
Bottling Strength: 55.3% ABV
Outturn: 272 bottles (700ml)
Availability: UK
RRP: £59

Glasgow 1770 Tequila Cask Finish

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