Loyalty Points Terms & Conditions

Loyalty Points

Glasgow Distillery Loyalty Points Terms & Conditions

1. As of February 2021, you, the user, can gain points on purchases made directly from the Glasgow Distillery website (www.glasgowdistillery.com) only. You can earn loyalty points on each purchase only if you have registered an account on the Glasgow Distillery website (see our Privacy Policy here for information on how we handle your data). Existing members, prior to February 2021, will be rewarded a select number of points - this is not based on the total purchases you have made prior but simply a goodwill gesture for our loyal customers. We, Glasgow Distillery Company, have authority and management over the awarding of loyalty points and the total loyalty points a user can have/ use at one time.

2. Users must be 18 years of age or above to be a customer on the Glasgow Distillery website and become an account holder.

3. You can become an account holder via our Glasgow Distillery website (www.glasgowdistillery.com) from the account icon in the top right corner of the website. You must have an account in order to earn and redeem loyalty points. You can start earning loyalty points from your first purchase with an account. Points will be added to your account within 24hrs of your purchase.

4. Loyalty points do not have any cash value and cannot be used or exchanged for money. You can also not transfer your points to anyone else or any other website that sells Glasgow Distillery products. To utilise loyalty points for a purchase you must have other items within the checkout basket of full RRP. You also have a loyalty point usage limit upon how many points can be accumulated within one transaction.

5. Loyalty points are awarded based on the product item purchased, not on the price of that item. Loyalty points can be earned from any item within our online shop, including sale items. Cost of delivery is not included or cannot be redeemed with loyalty points.

6. Loyalty points can only be redeemed for certain items that are displayed within your user account on the Glasgow Distillery website. You, the user, must have the appropriate points required for each item in order to utilise your points and make a purchase. In order to earn and use loyalty point you must be a customer.

7. If you wish to refund or cancel your purchase any awarded loyalty points will be deducted from your account.

8. Once you have made a purchase utilising any points the relative loyalty points will be deducted from your account. You will have full visibility over loyalty points activity within your account under the ‘Loyalty Points’ section.

9. You may cancel your account at any time, however any loyalty points remaining will be forfeited and voided. You cannot swap or exchange loyalty points for any monetary equivalent, as mentioned above.

10. All account holder’s loyalty points will expire and be forfeited 24 months from the original date they were earned.


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