Small Batch Series Focus: Glasgow 1770 Golden Beer Cask Finish

1770 Whisky

Glasgow 1770 Golden Beer Cask Finish Batch 02

Small Batch Series focus: Glasgow 1770 Golden Beer Cask Finish

Unpeated Single Malt・ Batch 02 ・ 70cl ・ 58% ABV ・ £64

On the back of the roaring award-winning success of Glasgow 1770 Golden Beer Cask Finish Batch 01, we’re thrilled to release the much-anticipated Batch 02. The life of this began as a Pedro Ximenez cask that then went on to be filled with Innis & Gunn’s Golden Beer known as ‘The Original’ which was then bottled as a limited-edition barrel aged beer at 7.1% ABV. After four months of being filled with beer, the cask was then filled with our unpeated single malt spirit that was previously matured in a first fill ex-bourbon cask.

Primary maturation: 3 years and 1 month

Secondary maturation: 1 year

What is Innis & Gunn’s The Original?
The Original is the flagship beer for Innis & Gunn, first released in 2003. The beer is brewed as a Scottish golden beer that is then matured in single malt whisky casks that add an incredible smoothness to the beer with flavours of vanilla, toffee and oak, sitting slightly higher than most at 6.6% ABV.

What’s the difference from the last Golden Beer Cask Finish release?
Batch 02 has spent one year finishing in this special PX Golden Beer Cask, compared to Batch 01 which was finished for three months. This additional maturation length adds richness, great depth, and an accentuation of the hoppy beer notes.

This release is exclusively available in our new Collaboration Pack where the bottle of whisky comes paired with a bottle of Innis & Gunns’s PX Finish Golden Beer; the beer that helped create the whisky. When it comes to beer aged whiskies, being able to taste both products side by side is quite rare, making this pack just that touch more special.

Tasting notes: Sultana, hops, orange peel, nutmeg, cinnamon spice.

 By the Bottle

Available as a distillery exclusive

By the Dram

The Pot Still - Glasgow, G2 2TH

The Bon Accord - Glasgow, G3 7DA

Glagsow 1770 Golden Beer Cask Finish Batch 02

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