Makar Oak Aged Gin Wins Highest Accolade At 2019 Gin Masters

Makar Gin

Makar Oak Aged Gin Wins Highest Accolade At 2019 Gin Masters


Makar Oak Aged Gin is the only cask-matured gin to pick up a 'MASTER' award at the 2019 Gin Masters Competition (hosted by The Spirits Business), with four other cask-matured gins picking up silver medals and a further four cask-matured gins receiving bronze medals.

Matured in tailor-made virgin oak wood casks over 10 weeks, Makar Oak Aged Gin has incredible colour, flavour and a unique smoothness derived from its maturation process.

Maturation adds another layer of complexity to an already complex and bold spirit giving a delicious marriage of our vibrant, juniper-led gin with smoky notes from new European Oak. Soft on the nose, complex and lively on the tongue, with a peppery finish.

The Gin Masters competition has grown significantly over the last few years, with less than 100 gins entered in 2015, growing to more than 300 entries this year, marking the biggest Global Spirits Masters competition in history.

We are delighted that our Makar Oak has received the highest accolade in the Cask Aged segment when the competition is so rife. One judge stated that the gin is “beautiful, light” and admitted that Makar Oak was the first gin they tried that really took on the characteristics of the barrel.

Why not try Makar Oak Aged Gin for yourself? You can either try it neat over ice or at the heart of a bold Negroni. Click HERE to read more.

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