Glasgow's Unsung Heroes: Chris & Claire

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Glasgow's Unsung Heroes: Chris & Claire


Over the last few months, we have heard so many devastating news stories on the television, across our social feeds and even through word of mouth.

Two weeks ago, we launched our 'Glasgow's Unsung Hero' campaign' across our social media channels in the hope that we could spread a little bit of positivity and reward Glasgow's hard working and generous individuals at such an uncertain and destabilising time. 

Since the launch of  'Glasgow's Unsung Hero', we've been overwhelmed by the number of positive stories across our home city. It's true what they say... people truly do make Glasgow! 

Our first winner was Stacey King who is a manager in a domestic abuse project. She has been working around the clock to make sure that vulnerable victims and children get the support they need. 

Thank you for being our Unsung Hero Stacey!

Our second winners were Chris Gray and Claire Lilley from Well-Fed Scotland CIC. 

Chris and Claire were nominated by move than five different individuals so we knew we had to reward them! We had a conversation with them when they came to the distillery to collect their prize. 

Chris Gray said: 

'Well Fed Scotland is a social enterprise. We operate in the west of Glasgow and we provide a community cafe, home delivery and a catering service. 

"Since the breakout of COVID-19, we've turned everything around on its head in order to provide emergency food aid for people that are struggling as a result of the virus. 

"The people we are helping is everyone in society. Anyone. Whether they're elderly, have underlying health conditions, financial struggles... you name it. Anyone across the west of the city thats struggling, we will help.

"We are producing close to 2000 meals every day. We are simply producing them, packing up and then distributing them out. We are doing a large sum of deliveries ourselves and then some other organisations are collecting.

 "These meals and packages are going to people who are experiencing homelessness, people that are self isolating at home, elderly vulnerable people and even children. Children are one of our key aims!

"We recently set a target of £20,000 for a crowd funding campaign and in 14 days and we beat that target. We've had an amazing amount of support. That money allows us to continue to operate until government funding becomes available. 

"Once this is all over, we're most looking forward to a holiday!! We were planning to go away but that's not going to happen now. So we just can't wait to go away and relax!"

Thank you for being our Unsung Heroes Chris and Claire! 

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