Glasgow Distillery Features On Whiskeycask

1770 Whisky

Glasgow Distillery Features On Whiskeycask


It was our pleasure to speak with Mark Gillespie - the presenter of Whisky-enthusiast podcast, WhiskyCast.

Mark spoke to Liam, our CEO and co-founder, about the creation of our debut single-malt, 1770, and the reaction to it selling out.

Mark and Liam also discuss the future plans for the distillery, following recent news of a £6 million investment into growing the distillery.

Listen to the podcast here, the interview starts at around 14 minutes.

In the podcast, Liam is asked how the distillery was started:

"It all came together surprisingly quickly after we decided we were going to do it.

"4 years have passed, and we now have a 24/7 operation in place, we’ve employed our 27th member of staff, our 8th distiller and a full-time copper too.

"We’re just going for it, and we believe it’s the right thing to do.

"We truly are delighted with our products and with what we are bringing to the marketplace given the amount of time that we have been here. Of course, we will be nervous when people open their bottles of 1770, and I do hope that people do open these bottles. I want people to taste it, give us their feedback and enjoy the whisky.

"We’re doing unpeated, peated and triple distilled, so this year’s release is unpeated. Next year we’ll have a second release of unpeated alongside a limited release of peated and in 2020 we’ll have both expressions released again alongside a release of triple distilled single malt."

Listen to the podcast here or by searching for 'WhiskyCast' on your podcast app.

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