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Today we're proud to release two of our most popular single malt scotch whisky releases, Glasgow 1770 The Original and Glasgow 1770 Peated, in their natural state straight from the cask. A true taste of the unpeated and peated single malt styles that we make here at The Glasgow Distillery.

Glasgow 1770 the Original at Cask Strength

Glasgow 1770 The Original Cask Strength ・ 61.3% ABV ・ 750 Bottles ・ Batch 01
Notes of Seville orange marmalade, spiced pear, toffee apples, planed oak, malted biscuit, marzipan and anise.

First released in 2018, Glasgow 1770 The Original is our inaugural and most highly decorated expression, winning a series of outstanding awards in 2023 including Gold at the International Spirits Challenge, and the highest merit of Master at the Spirits Business Scotch Whisky Masters.
At cask strength, the defining fruity heart of our unpeated double distilled spirit is magnified, with prominent notes of zesty Seville orange marmalade, dried apricot, toffee apple, poached pear and toasted pineapple and rich dark fruits and luscious vanilla to finish.

Purchase The Original Cask Strength online now for £64.

Purchase before midnight on Friday the 27th of October 2023 and receive a free 5cl miniature bottle of Glasgow 1770 The Original at 46% ABV, allowing you to compare and contrast the difference between our flagship single malt at Cask Strength and at Signature Range bottling strength. 

Glasgow 1770 Peated Cask Strength ・ 60.8% ABV ・ 1000 Bottles ・ Batch 01
Notes of smoky BBQ sauce, smoked Iberico ham, poached plum, tobacco leaf, flamed orange zest, dark chocolate and toasted oak shavings.

Glasgow 1770 Peated was first released in 2019 and has been crowned ‘Best Lowland Single Malt’ in 2020, 2021 and 2022 at the International Whisky Competition.

For Batch 01 of the cask strength version of this award-winning whisky, we chose three hogsheads that demonstrate a stunning showcase of our peated style with notes of rich BBQ sauce, tobacco leaf and opulent smoked Iberico ham married with sticky poached plums, dried apricot and flamed orange zest.

Purchase Peated Cask Strength online now for £66

Purchase before midnight on Friday the 27th of October 2023 and receive a free 5cl miniature bottle of Glasgow 1770 Peated at 46% ABV, and taste the difference that bottling at a natural strength makes compared to regular bottling strength.  

“Every whisky we sample at the distillery is initially tasted at cask strength before dilution. We wanted to give customers the chance to experience amplified versions of two of our signature styles of spirit and an insight into what we get to taste day-to-day."

Mike Hayward, Founder, October 2023

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