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Distillery Life Brendan


We set up Glasgow Distillery Company to create first class products and we couldn't do this without the passion, knowledge and dedication from our distilling team. Being the first gin and single malt whisky distillery Glasgow since 1902, our team of distillers continue to achieve our vision of producing premium quality spirits. In this Distillery Life series we go behind the scenes and give you a window into the distillery and our talented team.

World, meet Brendan....

Name: Brendan Cook
Age: 27
Favourite product out the GDC portfolio? G52 Vodka
How do you take your whisky? Neat
When did you first realise that you wanted to become a distiller? After playing around on a hobby skill, I realised I wanted to distill on a larger scale.
Can you tell us a bit more about the training and experience of your journey to distilling? I was a brewer at Driftwood Brewery in Victoria, Canada. Distilling was a logical next step
What's your favourite thing or what excites you most about distilling? Experimentation
What drew you to the Glasgow Distillery Co.? The ability to make a multitude of products and continue to learn.
They say that music and distilling are linked. Do you like to play any particular music in the distilling process? Jazz, Electronica
Three musicians/bands or songs that you can't live without? Johnny Cash, Row of Crowz, I wish by Skee lo
What can we expect from GDC in the future? An incredible whisky lineup.
If you had to take one whisky to a dessert island, what would it be? Elmer T lee

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